Courses Taught

Assumption College - Continuing and Career Education
(Worcester, Massachusetts)

  • Client Assessment (HRS305E)
  • Principles of Case Management (HRS340E)

Assumption College - Department of Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies
(Worcester, Massachusetts)

  • Family and Disability (HRS420)
  • Interviewing Techniques (HRS330)

Assumption College - Graduate Program in Health Advocacy
(Worcester, Massachusetts)

  • Human Development and Resilience for Health Advocates (HAP530)
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Health Advocacy (HAP530)

Northeastern University - College of Professional Studies
(Boston, Massachusetts)

  • Diversity (SOC1110)
  • Introduction to Macro Practice (HSV3220)
  • Introduction to Psychology - Personal Dynamics (PSY1410)
  • Sociology 1 (SOC1001)
  • Social Problems (SOC2425)
  • Social Psychology (PSY2325)

Salem State University - Master of Social Work Program
(Salem, Massachusetts)

  • Child and Family Policy (SWK833)
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