School Experience

  • Elementary Principal: Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall Elementary School (Groveland, Massachusetts)
  • Elementary Assistant Principal: Worcester Public Schools
  • School Adjustment Counselor: Worcester Public Schools
  • Dr. Franklin Perkins School: Special Education Teacher
  • Mercy Centre for Developmental Disabilities: Special Education Teacher
  • School Adjustment Counselor: Douglas Public Schools

Boards of Directors

  • Family Continuity, Inc. Mental Health Agency: 2015 - current
  • Guild of St. Agnes Early Childhood Agency: 2014-2016

Higher Education Experience

  • Northeastern University-College of Professional Studies: Senior Lecturer
  • Salem State University-Master of Social Work Program: Visting Lecturer
  • Assumption College- Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies: Lecturer
  • Assumption College- Health Advocacy Graduate Program: Lecturer
  • Assumption College- Continuing and Career Education: Lecturer

Human Services/Mental Health Experience

  • Child and Adolescent Respite Care Worker: LUK, Inc.
  • Early Childhood Clinician and Consultant: YOU, Inc./Guild of St. Agnes
  • Community-Based Clinician: YOU, Inc.
  • Intensive Care Coordinator (CBHI Initiative): Families and Communities Together
  • Research Assistant: Center for Mental Health Services Research at UMass Medical School

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